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Standard  & Vintage Car  Detail

Additional Charges

lifted vehicles and all double cab trucks.

$50  -SUV$50

$100 -Lifted Trucks

$100 -Double Cab trucks

$100 -Extra Dirty Vehicles/Animal Hair

$449-The Downtown Detail

The Downtown Detail will drastically improve the overall appearance and long-term protection of your vehicle.

We begin by carefully hand washing your car with industry-leading products, which ensures no additional scratching or left-over swirl marks. The doors, hood, trunk jambs, and wheel wells are washed in this process. Windows and mirrors will be streak free—inside and out.

There will be a thorough vacuuming of seats, carpets, seat tracks, mats, and cargo area/trunk. We will clean and condition interior surfaces, clean the chrome, and clean the floor mats. Leather and fabric seats and carpets will be cleaned and conditioned.

Before application of our high gloss wax, we will buff and polish your vehicle as needed to restore the factory depth and gloss in your paint. We will remove minor tree sap and road tar/paint because these items can cause serious paint damage.

After the buff and polish, we will apply a high gloss, durable wax to protect your paint from the elements and to deliver that deep shine everybody wants in a detail. A clay bar will be used to remove further roughness or contaminants that create imperfections in the clear coat.

Once the engine bay is clean and dry, we will apply a low build, high gloss shine that will really make your engine gleam.

Your running lights will also be taken care of. We will buff and polish headlamps, fog lights, tail lights and markers as needed to restore their bright, scratch free shine.

Last and definitely not least, we will clean and protect your wheels with our long-lasting high gloss wax to stop the progression of mag chloride damage and to prevent build-up of brake dust or road grime.

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