Soneff's History 

     Soneff’s MG got its start in 1965 after John Soneff’s purchase of what is now known as the Denver Tramway Building, located in Downtown Denver. SMG was originally a storage garage with a small mechanical area located on the main floor. Denver Urban Renewal decided it was best to tear down this significantly historical building, forcing SMG to relocate to 1750 Welton Street. John built a reputable service business, and after a few years, received an offer to sell from a large developer to build what is now the Grand Hyatt hotel. John relocated again to 1437 California Street directly across the street from the “Denver Post” building. This building was where John began building his legacy with old cars as he built an incredible client base all across the United States.

     In the early 70’s, John had a buying opportunity for a much larger and better equipped facility located at 2156 Curtis street and the business relocated again. As the business continued to grow, John purchased the building behind 2165 Curtis—25,000 S.F. with two levels. It was originally a magnificent 4-story structure that burned to the ground in the 30’s. Saving only the main floor’s exterior walls, the building got a new roof and structural floor, which allows it to serve as a storage and auto repair building to this day.

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