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We install the systems that make these cars safer and more enjoyable to drive.

✔ Vintage air conditioning system installations
✔ Conversion of older air conditioning systems to currently approved systems and refrigerant.
✔ Power Disc Brake installations for all types of vehicles 
✔ Power steering installations.
✔ Conversion from carburetor to fuel

Service & Repair

Our team performs the following types of services:

✔ 31 point mechanical inspection
✔ Fit, finish and rust inspection
✔ All fluid changes and flushes
✔ All brake system service and repairs
✔ All suspension repairs
✔ Scheduled maintenance

✔  5 perimeter adjustments on older 



We enjoy improving and transforming our customers cars.

✔ Complete drive train rebuild by our proven machine shops coordinated by our Team
✔ Complete suspension rebuilds and/or upgrades
✔ Disassemble, restoration and re-assembly of vehicles
✔ Complete body restoration including minor and major rust repair
✔ Complete paint work performed by our Team. Full paint work performed at our offsite booth
✔ Fuel delivery system repairs including gas tank, fuel lines, carburation and auxiliary pump systems

 ✔ General rust repair:

  • Window frame repair

  • Door striker repair

  • Hinge replacement or repair

  • Rusty door repair

  • Rusty hood repair

  • Floor pan patching

Custom Fabrication 

We  can build the vehicle to any level.

✔ Off Road vehicle work including roll bars, seat belts, lift kits, steps, soft top install, 
✔ Complete drive train swaps requiring both minor and major chassis and body restoration
✔ Body panel replacement due to damage, poor fit, rust or modification
✔ Engine builds both minor and major
✔ Transmission swap outs from manual to automatic or upgrade to customer goal

 SMG performs the installation of the following pre-fabricated panels:

  • Trunk pans

  • Floor pans

  • Roofs

  • Front and Rear frame rails

  • Torsion bar supports

  • Inner and outer rocker panels

  • A-pillars

Rebuilds & Restoration 

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