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1968 Plymouth Fastback Formula S

A solid rust-free Formula S Fastback car with all original sheet metal.  This factory hot-rod has its correct 68, X-head 340, all freshly rebuilt with lots of performance modifications.  Stock compression, hardened seat heads, performance cam and lifters running thorough stock 340 Manifolds.  This fish is going back to its correct fender tag specs of Dark Green Metallic paint with Black interior.  Back in the day the 68 Cudas’, owned the dragstrips in their class knocking off big block Chevy and Fords.  This barracuda has the optional 3:91 sure grip performance axle for even more torque.  Delivery on this car is estimated for 1st quarter 2025, but like all these builds a pre-sale puts them to the front of the line.  Estimated 4-6 months from date of sale until delivery.  Priced when completed at $59,500.

    Excluding Sales Tax
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