1968 Chevy Camaro

1968 Chevy Camaro

VIN# 124378N402391



This 1968 Camaro has been one of the most exciting mystery vehicles we’ve ever seen.


Originally, we thought it was just a standard V8 Camaro with some hipo add on’s over the years, but once we started restoring it, there were clues that it was actually a very rare and desirable factory performance car. The first clue was the fact that the dual exhaust definitely came from the factory. The second clue was that the 12-bolt rear differential was not a replacement differential, as all the original evidence is there. The third clue was that the 4-speed gear box was the correct transmission for the L30/M20 Camaro. This gear box was available from the Factory rated at 275 HP.


On the inside, the bucket seats with the center console and full gauge cluster, indicated either a Z28 or an SS car. We were pretty sure it’s not a Z28 because most experts say that the Z-cars were all Disc brake cars and this is a drum brake car. We have also heard that early 1968 Z-cars did come with drum brakes, so there are still some holes in this car’s history.


The Cowl tag doesn’t help with any drive train clues. The car has been repainted in black poly with factory Z28 spoiler and white stripes. 


The car will be offered at $49,500 when completed during the mid summer.


(That last picture is what it could look like finished). 





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