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1959 Plymouth Sport Fury

1959 Plymouth Sport Fury


The ‘59 Plymouth Sport Fury is the Holy Grail of the Chrysler Big Fin Cars.


This Fury is an ultra-solid survivor that was discovered in a farmer’s barn in Alabama. With the exception of the seats being reupholstered back in the day, it’s an untouched example of an incredible era of automobile design.


The Sport Fury had the special trunk lid, big fins, swivel buckets, and great performance. This particular Sport Fury came equipped with the New Golden Commando 395 engine, which is the 361, high-compression V8, 4 bbl engine with 395 ft. lbs. of torque.


The Sport Fury was designed as a lower priced entry into the luxury performance market, but Plymouth added the swivel buckets and big armrests to set them apart from the competition.


When SMG received this beauty, it was infested with an ant colony under the chrome. Thankfully, they have since moved on.


The engine fires and runs like a top. The brakes are currently sketchy, but we’re going to fix those.


This truly is an amazing find that needs almost nothing else to enjoy.


However, a little body work and paint would be ideal, and it would also raise the value of this collector car into the 60-70k range.





*We highly recommend that each car is inspected by a third party prior to purchase.

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