Soneffs Master Garage was actually opened in 1965 at its first location downtown on the corner of 18th and Lawrence. This building now famously known as the Tramway Building houses the popular Spaghetti Factory Restaurant. The building in the 60's was a multi-level garage with large wooden ramps connecting the floors. In the basement there were open tunnels that could be entered that connected to other buildings under the streets. It was at this location that John and Ed Soneff started the business of car storage, day parking and minor service for customers working Downtown. John started acquiring several classic cars in particular Hudsons that he owned until the family sold many of them in 2013 at a national auction.

After only a few years in business at this location, DURA (Denver Urban Renewal Authority) condemned the property with the intention of Demolishing for new development. John reluctantly agreed to a sale and re-located to another multi-level garage at 1750 Welton Street. It was at this location that the garage service really expanded as John had two full time mechanics and three car wash and detailer employees with me being one of them. The garage parked about 100 cars that were moved from floor to floor with a large car elevator. John was buying more collectable cars at this time and began restoring cars for sale to primary wealthy collectors.

The garage operated at this location until the mid-seventies when a developer purchased the property and built the Fairmont Hotel which is now the Grand Hyatt. John re-located the business again to another multi-level garage building located at 1437 California Street directly across the street from the Denver Post Building which is now Bubba Gump Shrimp Company. Business boomed at this location which was in the convention center district. The classic car business exploded throughout the country and John was traveling every weekend working at the car auctions learning the market and meeting the main players in the industry. This location also parked about 100 cars and was serviced by a car elevator. Soneffs master garage continued to offer storage, day parking, service, limited restoration and detailing to its existing customers only.

In 1978 John wanted a larger building on one floor and purchased the property at 2165 Curtis Street. The property was the former home of Costello Motors which serviced large commercial vehicles. The garage was quickly filled with classic cars, additional service lifts were installed and Soneffs quickly became the largest classic and specialty car dealer in the region. Business was so good that John needed more space and he purchased the Current property of Soneffs at 2140 Arapahoe Street which tripled the space he had and was utilized to its capacity to store classic cars and parts. John was purchasing the parts inventory of car dealers all over Colorado knowing how valuable they would be one day.

In 2007 when the Downtown boom was winding down, John sold his main garage at 2165 Curtis Street to a fellow car collector and real estate developer. In 2008 the entire operation was moved across the alley into 2140 Arapahoe Street where its operations are today.

Bringing back Soneff's Master Garage, Inc. in 2014 is for the primary purpose of providing an environment that can lead car enthusiasts to re- experience the truly therapeutic fun and freedom that results from driving a fun car. Soneff's Master Garage, Inc. retains its 50's and 60's Garage atmosphere so when customers have their cars detailed, serviced or stored they can step back a little to a more simple time when Detroit ruled the automotive world

Soneff's Master Garage, Inc.

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