Vehicle Detailing

*Automotive detailing for your car goes way beyond a tunnel wash. It's like comparing going to a hygienist for oral care vs. using a toothbrush. True car care requires a professional.

*A clean and beautiful car can improve one's happiness and attitude dramatically. Whether you're at Soneff's for general car care or in preparation to impress friends and business acquaintances with a shiny car, we can provide what you and your car need.

*SMG has a long history of offering specialty car services to all car enthusiasts in metro Denver. New for 2016 the garage now has staffing to provide regular and specialty detailing for customers that require an extremely fine finish.

*Supervised by Master Detailer, Quincy Glas, the detail team at SMG offers several car care packages that are tailored to provide the level of appearance enhancement and protection that each individual customer prefers.

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Detail Packages and Definitions

Additional charges will apply for lifted vehicles and all double cab trucks.

$50 -Lifted Trucks

$50 -Double Cab trucks

$50 -Extra Dirty Vehicles

$149.95 -Five-Points: Our Entry level detail service begins with a complete hand wash using industry leading products. We carefully clean the exterior of your vehicle assuring no additional scratching or swirl marks. Doors, hood, trunk jambs and wheel wells are washed in this process. As well, a light coat of wax is applied to help protect the cosmetics of your car's glossy shine. Windows are cleaned streak free inside and out including all mirrors. Thorough vacuuming of seats, carpets, seat tracks, and mats is part of the service. The final touch of the Five-Points is tire shine and a general wiping of all surfaces in drivers area to remove dust and debris.

$199.95 -LoDo: Step up to this service for more extensive cleaning and protection of common trouble areas on your vehicle. In addition to all the services listed for the Five-Points, the LoDo also offers longer term paint protection, as well as engine bay and cargo area detailing. After your wash we will apply a high gloss durable wax to protect your paint from the elements and to deliver that deep shine you are looking for in a detail. Once your engine bay is clean and dry we will apply a low build high gloss shine that will really make your engine gleam. Finally, we will vacuum your cargo area or trunk.

$249.95 -Ballpark: The Ballpark is our go to detail. We recommend this service to customers who are interested in protecting their car long term, and really getting the most out of the services offered at our garage. In addition to the Five-Points and Lodo services that are included with the Ballpark we will clean and condition interior surfaces, clean chrome, and floor mats. Next a clay bar is used to remove further roughness or contaminants creating imperfections in the clear coat. Application of our high gloss wax then becomes even more beneficial, ensuring the wax will protect from future contaminants for as long as possible. Beyond our introductory services the ballpark includes cleaning and conditioning of leather or fabric seats, and carpets in your vehicle.

$349.95 -Downtown: To drastically improve the overall appearance of your vehicle go Downtown. We will incorporate all the services listed in our Ballpark package as well as extensive restoration/protection of your vehicles aesthetics. Before application of our High gloss wax we will buff and polish your vehicle as needed to restore the factory depth and gloss in your paint. Removal of minor tree sap, road tar/paint. Removal of minor tree sap and Road tar/paint is important because if they are left for extended periods they can cause more serious paint damage. Included as well are the restoration of all of your running lights; we will buff and polish headlamps, fog lights, tail lights and markers as needed to restore there bright scratch free shine. Last and definitely not least we will clean and protect your wheels with our long lasting high gloss wax to stop the progression of mag chloride damage and to prevent build-up of break dust or road grime.

Individual Detail Services

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$79.95-Running Light Restoration:

To re-vitalize your lights we offer this service as a package or sell individual light restoration. We can remove heavy scratches, fading, and haziness from headlights, taillights, fog lamps or running lights. This is a highly recommended service especially in Colorado's severe weather conditions, properly operating headlamps and marker lights are important safety features of your vehicle.

$79.95-Interior Protection:

Have kids? Have a dog? We can help protect your vehicle from your life. Cloth seats and carpet are treated with scotch guard to protect from grime and stains, while leather is conditioned and sealed with Lexol to maintain the supple feel and fight the cracking effects of the sun.


SMG's Wash process is simple and effective. We use professional grade products and take great care in our hand washing to make sure that no additional scratches or swirling is laid into the paint during wash. A wash includes door jambs, trunk jamb and hood jamb to remove unwanted debris. Basic wheel cleaning as well as pressure washing of wheel wells. Basic wax is included with a wash, this will help to maintain the gloss appearance of your vehicle short term.


Seats and carpet are vacuumed thoroughly, including under seats, seat tracks and between seats.


Streak free cleaning of all glass inside and out, including mirrors.

$99.95 and up-Tar:

Removal of road grime, oil, and tar from painted surfaces. Chemically or physically removed at master detailers' discretion. Remove tar as soon as possible to prevent permanent paint damage.

$99.95 and up-Tree Sap:

Removal of tree sap usually found on upper portions of vehicle (roof, hood, deck lid.) chemically or physically removed at master detailers' discretion. Remove sap as soon as possible to prevent permanent paint damage.

$99.95 and up-Road Paint:

Road paint is extremely difficult to remove, harsh chemicals or physical scraper are required at master detailers' discretion. Remove road paint as soon as possible to prevent permanent paint damage.


This is used with a chemical antistatic body shine to smooth imperfections in paint allowing for further paint restoration to be done, and further depth when waxed.


Chrome can be polished and cleaned using a variety of methods. Tarnish and grime can be removed from metal surfaces leaving a beautiful finish. Mag Chloride damage cannot be removed, application of wax can increase the life of your metal trim dramatically, preventing the progression of rust, or oxidization from harsh chemicals such as mag chloride.


Our staff only applies the finest products. We have chosen a wax that provides a long lasting durable finish. When wax service is provided we apply a liberal coat and produce a deep glossy finish. This coating is important to protect your paint from deterioration in the harsh Colorado elements. Often referred to as paint sealant, there is no greater method for protection of your paint.

$69.95-C&C seat:

Clean and condition a single seat. To clean your seats we choose only chemicals that lift dirt, oil, and stains while not removing the color or feel of your cloth or leather seats. Our expert staff has experience removing the worst of stains and can refer upholstery repair when the stain just will not lift.

$94.95-C&C carpet:

Clean and condition one segment of carpet. Just got back from the Mountains? Took the dog to the park? Drove the kids home from soccer practice? Whatever happened to your carpet we can remove it. Using industry leading cleaners and enzymes nearly any stain can be removed or mess cleaned up.


Cleaning of your carpet or rubber floor mats. Advanced stain removers, cleaners and enzymes can remove heavy dirt and stains from carpet mats in your vehicle when combined with our hot water cleaning system. Rubber all weather mats are cleaned with product that will not fade the color or lead to dry cracking rubber.

$149.95-Hair removal:

Using a variety of methods we will meticulously remove pet hair from impacted areas.

$59.95-Engine Bay:

Our high pressure hot water system together with high-tech cleaners will clean and de-grease your engine without drying out rubber hoses or plastic shrouds.

$24.95-Single light restoration:

Experienced staff can brighten the dimmest light. By buffing and polishing with leading compounds our master detailer can restore bright clarity to a headlight, tail light, fog lamp, or marker.

$59.95-Wheel protection:

To protect your wheels from Colorado's harsh elements we recommend application of our long life wax. We have carefully selected this wax to protect your wheels from buildup of brake dust, road grime, and mag chloride. The most important part of protecting your wheels is to be pro-active. The more often you drive the more often you should apply protection.

$194.95-Under Carriage:

At Soneff's we have the facility to clean every part of your car. We can raise your car on a lift to clean the underside, removing mud, tar, road grime, and oils with our hot water high pressure system. There's no better way to clean your suspension, exhaust, body pans, gas tank, under engine, transmission, or drive axles.

$99.95-Odor elimination:

Obnoxious odors can be removed using professional grade enzymes and cleaners.

Color sand:

The most aggressive way to attack blemishes in your paint. Our experienced master detailer can remove clear coat imperfections such as; heavy scratching, orange peel, overspray, fish-eye, runs, sags, even some etched damage. Call for quote.


Matching the color, we can touch up minor paint chips or scratches. With a wide selection available we can match undercoating for touch-up as well. Call for quote.

Paint restoration:

With extensive experience our master detailer can re-vitalize paint bringing the most faded or scratched vehicle back to a beautiful lustrous shine. Our staff is trained in several methods of buffing and polishing, primarily using multi-stage compression buffing to remove scratches and high gloss polish to restore finish. Call for quote.

PDR ~ Paint-less dent repair:

A dedicated professional can remove many annoying dents or dings from your vehicle without re-painting. Call for quote.

Shop Fee: This is our standard fee added to all services to cover consumable incidentals in the service process. $9.99

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